EDF will initially teach children's combined classes in Tap and Modern with the introduction of Street Dance classes if demand exists.




There are various methods of Tap dancing that pupils will learn from traditional Broadway to jazz and street styles.  For examinations pupils will learn requires steps and combinations, but during non examination terms other styles will be explored.



Modern dance is based on classical lines but has more freedom of movement.  Pupils will be taken through a defined syllabus of work which will gradually develop strength, stability and flexibility.  Throughout the year various forms of modern dance will be explored from lyrical to musical theatre, jazz and urban dance.



Street dance is an umbrella term for various dance forms including jazz, funk and hip hop.  The class will cover original moves and routines and incorporate conditioning techniqes for a full body workout.



As pupils progress choreography and improvisation techniques will be introduced and developed allowing each student to freely express themselves and experiment with movement in a more individual and less restricted manner.